If you are searching for an eye specialist career then you should read about how to become an optometrist. Everyone in this world likes to see beautiful things with their eyes, but when they have an eye problem, they have to go to an optometrist. I will explain to you today that becoming an optometrist is one of the important jobs in the healthcare industry. So what education, training, and experience you will need I will explain further. You will understand many new things in this article about how to become an optometrist.

How To Become An Optometrist?

What are the steps in how to become an optometrist let us see quick before reading the actual description.

  1. Complete Basic Education
  2. Observe And Learn
  3. Attend An Optometry Program
  4. Examination
  5. Certification
  6. License

Steps To Become An Optometrist

Let us know how long to become an optometrist by reading the steps of the degree, programs, examinations, etc required for an optometrist in the following.

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  1. Complete Basic Education

Completing the basic education for becoming an optometrist is the first task in your optometrist school. You will need to select science as your core field at the time of your high school learning. This will help you a lot to understand the science and medical concepts as well as terminologies. Then you will need to earn how many years to become an optometrist bachelor’s degree specializing in optometry. Now let us see what is the second important step in becoming an optometrist.

  1. Observe And Learn

The next step in becoming an optometry specialist is to observe and learn optometry. Yes, you read it right, you will get a good experience from observing the cases and patients with eye issues. For this, you can join experienced institutes and be their shadow while working. You may be asked to assist them in simple work too, however, dealing with eyes is very sensitive work. It is one kind of how to become an optometrist tech benefit for you to learn more about the eyes, their anatomy, and physiology.

  1. Attend An Optometry Program

As a wise learner, you will need to attend an optometry program in hospitals. You will need to see the accreditation before joining the program course as an optometrist.  In this program, you will achieve theoretical knowledge and practical experience. You will become well trained but need to dedicate at least four years to complete this program course. Check all the requirements as per the course and then apply for it so that you will attend the desired program of your choice.

  1. Examination

The next step after you complete the optometry program is appearing for the optometry examination. You will need to pass the optometry admission test to evaluate the knowledge you learned from the optometry program. These exams are carried out from different Prometric centers where you will have to go through them. If you feel that how to become an optometrist assistant tests might be hard then you can join the courses where you will get guidance on how to prepare for the optometrist exams.

  1. Certification

After you complete the examinations you will need to get certification of optometry. Remember that you get an accredited certification so you will need to pass accredited exams only. This will help you in the future while getting how to become an optometrist without a degree license in optometry. While reading about the optometry license let us see its requirement in the further paragraph.

  1. License

License is one of the important requirements for starting a career in the field of optometry. For getting a license you will need to submit the necessary important documents to the state government offices authorized for approval of optometry licenses. You will become a doctor of how to become an optometrist assistant after receiving your optometry license. However, to keep your license up to date there are some educational programs that you will need to complete from time to time.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Optometrist?

Becoming an optometrist will take about 7 to 9 years of time for you. As the study of the eye is complicated you will need to learn fine and minute details. After reading about how many years does it take to become an optometrist? Let us see what is the salary earned as an optometrist.

Salary Of An Optometrist 

The average professional how to become an optometrist salary is about $100000 and more depending upon the experience time. Your position in a hospital organization will matter with your salary as an optometrist however, you can practice at your optometry clinic to earn enough.

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How Do I Become An Optometrist After 12?

One can study optometry as a certification, diploma, or undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Popular optometry courses after the 12th are BOptom, BSc Optometry, and Diploma in Optometry. Candidates can also pursue postgraduate optometry courses after the successful completion of their undergraduate programs.

Is Optometry Hard To Study?

One of the most challenging professions in healthcare is optometry.

How Do You Become An Optometrist In Australia?

To work as an Optometrist, you will need to complete a degree in optometry that is accredited by the Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand (OCANZ). Complete a relevant degree such as the Bachelor of Vision Science / Master of Optometry. This double degree usually takes between 3.5–5 years of full-time study.

How Long Is Optometry Course?


Key information. This three-year accredited degree aims to provide you with the training required to examine, diagnose and manage a range of ocular conditions.

Do You Need Math To Become An Optometrist?

General requirements for all optometry schools include at least one year of Biology or Zoology, General Chemistry, General Physics, English and College Math.

Can You Be An Optometrist In 4 Years?

The path to becoming an optometrist is not as long as an ophthalmologist’s, but it still takes a minimum of seven to eight years to complete. Usually, a student must have completed their bachelor’s degree (although some schools accept three years of college) before applying to a four-year optometry program.

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Is Becoming An Optometrist Hard?

Optometry school can be difficult especially as a first-year student in a new city and new environment. Here are some tips to make it through. Optometry school is challenging enough. It is particularly difficult as a first-year student in a new environment and oftentimes a new city.


Now you have an idea about how to become an optometrist and achieve your goal more easily. I told you about the education, programs, and examinations that are required for becoming an optometrist. You read and understood that optometry accredited programs are essential for getting accredited certifications. I also explained to you the licensing step for becoming a licensed optometrist. So you do not have any queries in your mind related to how to become an optometrist.


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