Today you should learn about how to become a yoga instructor as everyone is wanting to do yoga. The reason behind yoga has become popular is due to its simple form and no equipment needed yoga can be done anywhere. But to teach yoga there is a need for a yoga instructor to guide. Hence, today I will tell you about what are the necessary things needed for becoming an expert yoga instructor. You will come to know about the yoga profession in this article. So stay relaxed for some time and read about how to become a yoga instructor.

How To Become A Yoga Instructor?

There are some steps that you will need to follow for how to become a yoga instructor in the future.

  1. Learn Body Science
  2. Complete Training
  3. Registration
  4. Certification
  5. Practice
  6. Apply For Job

Steps To Become A Yoga Instructor

Below I have described how to become a certified yoga instructor in detail. You will come to know about what things you need to learn, what training to do, how to register, and many more in the yoga instructor job.

  1. Learn Body Science

The basic thing before becoming a yoga tutor is to learn body science. So you should learn about human anatomy and physiology or select an educational degree in health and medical care. In yoga movement, stretching, control of breathing, etc things are involved hence you should have knowledge related to kinesiology as well. You will need to be aware of CPR, first aid, and other medical emergency conditions education.

  1. Complete Training

Only getting theoretical knowledge is not the destination of becoming a yoga instructor with no experience hence complete practical training. For this first, you will need to learn yoga training by yourself and practice it depending upon the type of yoga. There are different meditations, poses, ethics, and many more about yoga hence select the appropriate yoga education. You can practice all types of yoga to become an allrounder yoga teacher.

  1. Certification 

There is a yoga instructor certification that you will get by completing 200 hours of the training program. You can get this certification from a yoga school which will help you in becoming a certified yoga teacher. For the certification question of the application fee of how much does it cost to become a yoga instructor around $50 to the institute. Further after completion of the course, you will become a certified yoga instructor from an accredited yoga alliance.

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  1. Practice

Practice yoga for some more time to get more experience of the yoga asanas and pranayamas. This will help you in sharing the experience of practicing yoga with your future students. You can improve your hand in yoga and become a specialist in the type of how to become a yoga instructor online you want to proceed career within. To practice and get more experience with yoga you can join the nearby academy as a part-time yoga instructor employee.

  1. Apply For Job

The last thing after getting all certification, education, and training completions you will need to apply for the job. You can join as a yoga instructor in an accredited institute, become a personal instructor for yoga or you can start your yoga academy. There are more options like working for part-time yoga instructors or joining the teams where team players need fitness instructors.

  1. Maintaining Certifications

The job of a yoga instructor is also to maintain certifications from time to time. You will need to complete how to become a yoga instructor for free new certifications to know about how to influence people for yoga through the workshops and improve yoga knowledge.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Yoga Instructor?

You will need to take 200 hours of yoga training experience to become a professional yoga instructor. However, you should also practice gaining more knowledge of yoga therapy before joining any yoga job.

Salary Of Yoga Instructor 

The salary of a yoga instructor salary depends upon the number of students and classes taken in a day or month. It has been seen that when you become a yoga instructor you can earn $20 per hour for a yoga class. However, the career of the yoga instructor is having a steady growth in the fitness industry. You can also increase your income by taking online classes simultaneously.

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Is Yoga Instructor A Good Career?

It is in demand in today’s world and students are pursuing Yoga as a career option. A person can take Yoga as a profession after getting skills and learning various nuances of different exercises. A Yoga teacher/instructor earns a good amount for teaching yoga postures and breathing techniques (pranayama).

Can I Teach Yoga Without Certification?

The profession of teaching yoga is an open profession. That means you can call yourself a yoga teacher, regardless of your education and experience. There aren’t therefore any legal requirements for teaching yoga.

Can Beginners Take Yoga Teacher Training?

Ideally, you should have some yoga experience before you sign up for a yoga teacher training program. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert, but you should be at least comfortable with the basic “asanas”.

How Long Is Yoga Certification Course?

How long does it take to become a certified Yoga teacher? These days, the average training program will last three to five months. Some courses are foundational (200-hour level) and others are designed to build on the foundational knowledge absorbed within one’s original 200-hour course.

Can You Teach Yoga Without A Qualification?

The yoga industry is unregulated, meaning there are no qualifications required by law to teach yoga.

Can You Teach Yoga Without A Qualification?

The typical recommendation is to spend two years’ practising yoga with a qualified instructor – and then attaining formal qualifications yourself. There’s so much more to teaching than knowledge of the poses, so for both your own and your clients’ peace of mind, you’ll want them to be second nature.

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How Much Do Yoga Teachers Earn?

A typical yoga hourly wage for a full-time employee is around £15-£25 per hour and approximately £45,000 per annum (including bonuses) on a 40-hour week contract.


You understood the simple steps on how to become a yoga instructor by profession. I told you about the education and knowledge that you will require to gain while becoming a yoga instructor. Now you have an overall idea about the process for getting a certification as a yoga teacher. I explained to you the details related to the salary that a yoga instructor can earn on an hourly basis. So now you have a clear view of how to become a yoga instructor in the future.


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