Let us find out today about how to become a radiation therapist and its easy steps. We will discuss what education is required, and the degree you need to become a radiation therapist. I will explain to you about the training program course for radiation therapy providers. You will come to know the how radiation therapist registration process for license and certifications is done. All such important points I will describe to you further. So without delaying any minute let us read below about how to become a radiation therapist.

How To Become A Radiation Therapist?

Let us have quick look at the below steps of how to become a radiation therapist before reading them in detail.

  1. Complete Associate Degree
  2. Achieve Certification
  3. Earn Work Experience
  4. Maintain Certification
  5. Get A License

Steps To Become A Radiation Therapist

Here I have described the steps for how to become a radiation therapist one by one. You will learn about what is it hard to become a radiation therapist or not by reading further so read it till last.

  1. Complete Associate Degree

To get work as a radiation therapist your first aim is to complete a radiation therapist associate degree from an accredited college or institute. For enrollment in the degree course for the radiation therapy program, you will need to choose the subject’s science and maths. You should learn about anatomy, physiology, medical terms, radiation studies, and many more while completing the degree.

  1. Achieve Certification

After completion of the degree course, you should search for how to achieve certification for radiation therapy. You will come to know that radiation therapist programs near me certifications nowadays have become more important. It will help you in getting jobs easily, as many governments support the certifications and have made them mandatory. There is ARRT radiation therapist certification available in the states of America for registry as a radiologic technologist. To achieve this certification you should be an associate degree holder first and pass the certification exam with good scores.

  1. Earn Work Experience

Only the certification is not necessary for becoming a radiation therapist you will also require to earn work experience as a radiology technician. For getting your practical hand improved you can join for the internship or the externship during your degree completion or after pursuing the degree course. You will learn about dosimetry, radiation research, etc while getting the experience. For this, you can apply for the nearest accredited hospitals or clinics associated with radiation therapy technologies. You should earn a work experience in radiation therapy 12-month certificate program or more to achieve good knowledge of patients and cases.

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  1. Get A License

After earning experience bachelor of science in radiation therapy experience you will need to register yourself to get a license. For this, you will need to collect all the necessary documents like degree certificates, training program certifications, identity proof, and other government-required documents. Along with these documents you will need to fill up the licensure application form and submit the required fees of licensing to the licensing office. You will receive the license after the specific verification and know if after you become a licensed radiation therapist.

  1. Maintain Certification

The fifth important step is to maintain the certification of the radiologic techniques and updates. With a respective fee as per the ARRT association, you will need to renew your certification. Also, you will need to follow the rules and guidelines as per the new studies developed in radiology related to health sciences. For this, you will need how long to become a radiation therapist to get the certifications by attending the workshops or the training programs respectively. It is one of the legal requirements for becoming a certified radiation therapist.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Radiation Therapist?

It will take around 2 to 4 years for you to complete your degree course in radiation therapy. After completion, you can choose an internship to earn experience.

Radiation Therapist Salary

Radiation therapists earn a salary of around $60000 as a beginner a year. However, it has been observed that there is a nine percent growth in career and the is about $80000 and more. The technician associated with the big hospital organizations earns more compared to clinics. 

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What Degree Is Best For A Radiation Therapist?

An associates degree takes two years to complete, and a Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy takes four years to complete. While you can become a radiation therapist with only an associates degree, many employers prefer their therapists to have a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for the position.

Is Radiation Therapist A Doctor?

Radiation therapists are not doctors, but are highly trained to operate a variety of sophisticated radiation therapy equipment used in cancer treatment.

Is Radiation Therapy School Hard?

Radiation therapy can be challenging, just like any other medical career. Yet, most of the challenges can be resolved through education and experience.

Is A Degree In Radiation Therapy Worth It?

Radiation therapist salaries tend to be highly favorable. The average salary across all occupations in the U.S. is $38,640. The average salary, even for the lowest paid 10% of radiation therapists, is around $56,360. Across all radiation therapists, the average yearly salary is $82,330.

What Do Radiation Therapists Wear?

Besides scrubs, rad techs wear lead articles of clothing for protection from ionizing radiation. We wear lead aprons, thyroid shields and leaded glasses for eye protection. Some procedures place the doctor’s hands directly in the radiation beam so they wear heavy, leaded gloves.

How Hard Is It To Become A Radiation Therapist?

No, it is not hard to become a radiation therapist. Becoming a radiation therapist takes between two and four years to obtain your desired degree. An associate’s degree takes two years to complete, and a bachelor of science in radiation therapy takes four years.

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Does Radiation Therapy Require A Lot Of Math?

Science, Math, and Medical Knowledge: Radiation therapists must have a solid background in physics, mathematical concepts, and medicine and dentistry, including the types of illnesses treated by radiation therapy.


Today we learned important steps on how to become a radiation therapist in detail. I told you the experience, experience, and certification, required for radiologic technologists. You understood the time duration of the degree completion and the minimum experience in years required for becoming a radiation therapist. I explained to you about the ARRT certification and why it is important to renew the certification. You now have a complete idea about the licensing process and how to become a radiation therapist in the future.


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