How To Become A Detective?

You must know everything about how to become a detective in detail if you like to be a detective in the future. Today I will tell you about the steps for becoming a detective officer of your interest. In this article, You will know what education, tests, requirements, etc are necessary to get qualified as a detective. I will share important data about the responsibilities of a detective, the skills of an ideal detective agent, and many more. So stay here till last to know various unknown but interesting facts about how to become a detective.

How To Become A Detective?

Here I have listed the steps for how to become a detective. So let us have a look at them before going into detail.

  1. Education
  2. Enrollment
  3. Tests
  4. Training
  5. Experience
  6. Age
  7. Physical Requirements
  8. Clean Record
  9. Certificates
  10. License

Steps To Become A Detective

Below you will come to know detailed information on how long does it take to become a detective. Let’s see.

  1. Education

The requirement of the education level is changed according to the post of the detective and police departments. You will need to complete your general high school diploma as a minimum education. Your chances are increased on how to become a private detective after getting a bachelor’s degree or college degree mainly in the subjects like criminology, police work, and criminal work.

  1. Enrollment

A better choice to increase the positive side of how to become a homicide detective is to enroll yourself in the police academy. It helps you to get specific knowledge about the investigation, detective skills, etc which are useful for many different purposes.

  1. Examinations

Detective examinations and tests will help you to get a brief knowledge about police work, criminology, studying case scenarios, and many other things related to detective work.  Tests such as National Detective Investigative Test (NDIT), Police Detective (PDET) 200 Series, etc are available and you will know how long does it take to become a homicide detective after clearing the exam? These tests are necessary for becoming a detective and you should be able to attend them anytime.

  1. Training

Training is an important part of how to become a police detective or professional officer. You will need to get training from the police training academy or military training academy for around 2 to 3 years. In the training, you will come to know about the roles, and skills, related to the military or police officers. If you are searching for a job in a specific local area, then get training from the respective detective academy for better job opportunities.

  1. Experience

Experience improves your level of investigating theories and strategies with the case and reports. It helps you to grow your knowledge about how to become a detective without being a police officer and helps you to be more experienced in the field. You understand the laws, rules, regulations, and news on daily basis with the help of examples to improve the experience.

  1. Age

Age is one of the basic requirements to become a detective. The average minimum age how to become a detective for the FBI of your choice is 21 years. During this period try to achieve more and more things to develop personality, learn languages, etc.

  1. Physical Requirements

The physical requirement is an important thing that will make you a good detective in which physical fitness is checked. The physical exam on how to become a detective in pa checks various points such as eyesight, hearing ability, strength, body weight, height, etc are considered.

  1. Clean Record

Having a clean record increases one step further how to become a detective or criminal investigator as an advantage. For checking the record there is various set of interviews, verification is done, history is searched, and behavior habits are seen.

  1. Certificates

Certificates improve the level of how to become a homicide detective professional as they help in increasing your identity as a detective officer. Some various institutes or organizations provide certificates after the test which makes you a Professional Certified Investigator official or detective.

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  1. License

Getting a license is the last thing to keep in mind on how to become a detective near Houston, TX states. Yes, you heard it right there is a special license required for representing yourself as a licensed detective. However, with the special license, you will need other licenses like a weapon license, a driving license, etc if you use them.

Responsibilities Of Detective

There are different responsibilities of how to become a detective without college let us see them in the following.

  • Communication with the suspects
  • Interviewing the witnesses and victims
  • Understanding the criminal activity deeply
  • Reviewing the data, records, pieces of evidence, files, etc related to the criminal event
  • Surveilling the activity of the case and crime scenes

Qualities Of Detective

Let us see what are the qualities of a professional detective.

  • Critical thinking ability
  • Resolving the problem or issue
  • Capturing minute details
  • Good communication skills
  • Computer knowledge
  • Writing skills
  • Control over the emotions
  • Good health and physique

Types Of Detective

Below are the types of detectives according to the profession’s specialty.

  1. Homicide detective
  2. Narcotics detective
  3. Gang detective
  4. Fraud detective
  5. Robbery detective
  6. Commercial crime detective
  7. Cybercrime detective

Career In Detective Profession

There are different options in career opportunities how long does it take to become a detective occupation? Let’s see.

  • You can be a private detective or investigator
  • Another option that you can work as a detective in an organization
  • The other opportunity in the detective profession is to start a detective institution

Salary Of Detective

A detective job will pay around an average median salary of about $40000 to $80000. However, the salary scale differs according to the level of qualification, experience in years, post, etc.

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How Do I Become A Detective Career?

Those interested in becoming a detective should pursue criminology and forensic science course, as it will help the individuals develop their skills. If the individual is further interested in developing his or her skills, one can also study law.

What Is The Best Degree To Become A Detective?

Criminal justice

The best major for aspiring detectives is criminal justice or a related field, including pre-law, sociology or criminology.

What Is The Youngest Age To Be A Detective?

Most police and detectives must graduate from their agency’s training academy before completing on-the-job training. Candidates must be U.S. citizens, usually at least 21 years old, and able to meet rigorous physical and personal qualifications.

Can I Be A Detective Without Being A Cop?

Criminal investigators may work in law enforcement as well, however, they may also find employment in a variety of investigative agencies outside of police forces. Some common duties detectives may perform include: Collecting evidence from crime scenes and submitting evaluations and reports to forensic teams.

Who Is The Most Famous Female Detective?

When it comes to female detectives, it doesn’t get much more iconic than Nancy Drew. Nancy has been solving mysteries since 1930 — in books, in movies, and in her own TV shows.

How Do You Really Become A Detective?

Most police departments also require detectives to complete training at the local police academy and spend a few years as patrol officers, gaining valuable experience in the law enforcement system. Upon completion of a few years of patrol, officers take a promotional exam to become detectives.

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Is Being Detective Hard?

Detective work is tough, both physically and mentally. Detectives soon learn that every case can’t be solved, and they will not apprehend every criminal. The most successful detectives and investigators learn coping strategies that help them overcome the challenges inherent in a career in law enforcement.


In this article, you got to know detailed information about how to become a detective officer. I shared with you important points related to education, qualification, training, and many more for the job of detective officer. You learned about the different responsibilities, skills, and career opportunities of a detective professional. I explained to you everything so that you will not get confused about how to become a detective in the future.


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